Blockchain Project Manager: understanding the role and how to pursue it

Blockchain Project Manager is responsible for ensuring the functionality and security of the blockchain-based projects they are accountable for.

This professional is required to possess a diverse range of skills and abilities, some acquired through specific education (degree, certifications, etc.), while others are related to experience and personal qualities (flexibility, problem-solving, mindset).

They play a crucial role in the successful implementation of the project, acting as a link between clients and developers, managing and coordinating the activities of all team members.

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The increasing adoption of blockchains is revolutionizing the world of work and the associated professions. The implementation of this technology, which ensures transparency, tamper resistance, and immutability of each transaction, has led to a growing demand for highly specialized professionals capable of navigating this new reality.

The Blockchain Project Manager is a hybrid professional profile that originates from the traditional Project Manager role with the integration of advanced digital skills suited for the rapidly emerging “blockchain” market.

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  • What the role of a Blockchain Project Manager entails;
  • The responsibilities of a Project Manager;
  • How to become a Blockchain Project Manager;
  • The career prospects for this professional.

Who is the Blockchain Project Manager?

The Blockchain Project Manager is an indispensable professional for the successful execution of any ledger-based project, also known as a decentralized ledger. This role serves as a connection between developers and their clients, ensuring that the developers’ work aligns with the project requirements and meeting the expectations of the clients.
Essentially, thanks to their managerial skills and experience, the Blockchain Project Manager oversees and manages the entire program, coordinating and synchronizing the activities of the team they are responsible for. Furthermore, as the ledger system and processing units are the core components of any blockchain-based project, the Project Manager must ensure optimal performance and high reliability of these systems.

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Roles and Responsibilities of the Blockchain Manager

The Blockchain Project Manager, along with their team, primarily works on database systems, the token economy (cryptocurrency-based economy) of the project, and processes systems. In cases where the project is not based on a token economy, their task is to envision the entire blockchain infrastructure.

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Here are the main duties of the Blockchain Project Manager in detail:

  • Manage the team and synchronize activities;
  • Supervise project development;
  • Monitor and account for resources;
  • Verify security protocols;
  • Examine transaction management systems;
  • Develop ad hoc functionalities;
  • Handle challenges during various project phases;
  • Supervise processing activities and their efficiency.

Becoming a Blockchain Project Manager: Training and Skills

There is great excitement surrounding the role of a Blockchain Project Manager and all the opportunities that have arisen from this digital innovation.
To become a “Blockchain Project Manager“, you will definitely need to develop specific skills and possess certain requirements. It’s important to know that companies today are looking for experienced and qualified individuals with strong preparation and training.

Keep reading to discover these characteristics in detail!

Acquire the right skills

Before diving headfirst into a “Blockchain project“, it is essential to understand how this new technology works, grasp its essential elements, and determine the certifications you will need.
Typically, a Blockchain Project Manager possesses:

  • A degree in computer science or related fields.
  • A degree or course in business management or a similar field.
  • Blockchain certification (foundations, architecture, risk management, implementation strategy, etc.).

However, what determines the success of this role are the skills. In particular, a Blockchain Project Manager should:

  • Familiarize themselves with Blockchain Project Management tools: you need to know and be able to use them to accelerate project development, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Understand Blockchain architecture and its platforms: staying updated and knowledgeable about how this new technology operates is crucial. Additionally, to determine which platform to work on, understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and critical points of each platform is necessary.
  • Master Smart Contracts: they are crucial elements in a Blockchain project, so it’s essential for the Project Manager to understand how they work.
  • Be an expert in software development for the blockchain: this is a fundamental skill to effectively manage any difficulties faced by developers and IT engineers in the team. Understanding how software works enables the Project Manager to provide them with efficient assistance.

Develop a Blockchain implementation strategy

Without a clear implementation strategy for blockchain, creating a solution using this technology can become very challenging for a Blockchain Project Manager. An effective way to develop this skill is to analyze how other companies have strategically utilized blockchain. Alternatively, one can join online communities to understand how others work in this system.

Freelance Blockchain Project Manager
It is crucial to gain hands-on experience with blockchain projects. Such a project may include 8-10 steps, starting from identifying problems and solutions to project completion.

The best way to acquire this skill is certainly to actively participate in project development.

Through experience, you will also learn to identify the connection between business and blockchain, so as not to miss any innovation opportunities.

Consolidate the appropriate soft skills

The success of a Blockchain Project Manager largely depends on possessing cross-functional competencies and personal skills suitable for this profession. Here are the key ones.

  • Managerial and leadership qualities: This role involves guiding a team of professionals throughout the project development process. It requires coordinating and synchronizing their activities and being able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and redistributing tasks accordingly.
  • Efficient risk management: This skill is crucial because blockchain also entails a significant inherent risk. Being adept at efficient risk management means being able to identify risks proactively and handle them effectively.
  • Problem-solving: Working on new entrepreneurial projects using this technology generates ever-changing challenges that need to be quickly resolved and overcome.
  • Budget management: One of the primary tasks of a Blockchain Project Manager is to ensure that the budget is utilized in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Long-term strategic planning: The professional identifies the scope of the project, the objectives to be achieved, and defines the timelines and resources to be used. Developing a tailored program is useful for smooth project management.

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Blockchain Project Manager: Career and Opportunities

The growing demand for Blockchain Project Managers and the limited supply has turned this job into a very interesting career opportunity, both economically and professionally. To understand how dominant the demand for experts in this field is, just type the keyword “Blockchain Project Manager” into the search engine and take a look at the results: 90% of them are job offers from major personnel search platforms.
The opportunities span across various sectors such as insurance, public administration, healthcare, and agriculture, as Blockchain is a highly versatile technology.

Salary expectations range around $60k-$70k, but can reach peaks of $130k gross per year in the United States, while in Italy the figures are slightly lower due to the lag in adopting this technology. Experience and personal skills are the criteria by which one gets paid, the higher and more specific they are, the higher the compensation will be. As long as the demand is higher than the supply, we can expect salaries above the national average for this category of professionals. It is not uncommon for the Blockchain Project Manager to become a shareholder of the project they are involved in.

Another positive aspect of this profession that should not be underestimated is the flexibility of working hours. Working on specific and ever-changing projects, many companies allow the Blockchain Project Manager the freedom to manage their time, as long as they achieve the set objectives.

In conclusion, it is an economically attractive activity from multiple perspectives!


The boom of this new technology has already shown significant implications in the world of work, creating new professional roles and transforming traditional ones towards integration with this new system. Professionals like the Blockchain Project Manager will be increasingly in demand in the near future, even in our country: a hybrid figure with advanced digital skills capable of managing complex projects in the fast-paced, ever-changing, and efficient hi-tech world.


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