Conquest the best clients and gain a huge competitive advantage by becoming a pioneer expert in Blockchain Legal in less than 3 months and without taking time away from your current work.

Blockchain technology is rapidly changing the communication protocols used up to now by companies all over the world.

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Entrepreneurs are groping in the dark and are gasping for consultants, lawyers and notaries who can guide them in a professional and competent way in this revolution, in order to be able to use today’s most competitive technologies without however incurring dangerous and very costly legal troubles for the own companies.

Digital Coach has therefore created, together with the best Italian and international experts, the First Blockchain Legal course in Italy with Practicum, the only certified path to update and become a legal professional on the use of the Blockchain in just 3 months, transforming you into the 4.0 expert of that companies need.

Take the quantum leap you deserve for your career with our course:
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Why should you invest in Blockchain technology training?

Because you can earn a huge amount of money.

The implementation of Blockchain technology is a mandatory step especially for the most important and wealthy companies, which want to remain competitive and avoid using technologies that will soon be obsolete.

To take this step, they are willing to pay their weight in gold for a valid professional to work alongside them.

And this could be you.

The enormous investments, especially from banks, that the Blockchain attracts derive from the transversal possibilities that this technology offers and which will revolutionize the world.

With the establishment of the Fund for the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet of things technologies and applications, substantial funding has been granted by the state for the development and application of these new technologies within industrial processes .

45 million for blockchain and artificial intelligence allocated by the Ministry of Economic Development are intended for those who want to innovate their organization in the following strategic sectors:

  • finance and banking institutions;
  • industry and manufacturing;
  • logistics and mobility;
  • educational system;
  • public administration;
  • agribusiness;
  • health and environment;
  • culture and tourism;
  • IT, security and information technologies;
  • aerospace.

The Blockchain is the founding element of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: it’s up to you to decide whether to stand by or ride the wave of the revolution.

This opportunity is too tempting to miss!
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To grab this rich slice of the market, it is essential to ACT IMMEDIATELY

Because today there are still few consultants, lawyers or notaries who have specific training on the Blockchain: there is a huge gap between supply and demand.

During the gold rush, only a few prospectors really made a fortune: those who knew where to look and got there before the others.

Training today means becoming a pioneer in this new technology.

Be ready before the others, annihilate the competition and become among the first chosen ones who will be chosen by the most important companies with the most spending possibilities.

If you are not aware of the legal repercussions caused by the misuse of Blockchain technology, you will be left out of this huge and very profitable market.

You could therefore miss the opportunity to attract new customers who pay more and to distinguish yourself from your colleagues by making yourself more attractive on the market.

A serious missed opportunity for your career!

Blockchain technology moves millions of investments that are revolutionizing management and archiving systems worldwide.

The largest and most capital-intensive companies are already rapidly replacing old technologies in order to remain competitive.

Experts already have to answer new questions, the concept of privacy has now changed and new types of contract are emerging.

In this scenario, the BIG COMPANY are in trouble and are waiting with money in hand for Blockchain legal specialists to enlighten them on the implications and save them from possible legal troubles they may incur.

For this reason, it is essential to act immediately: the first to arrive can grab the biggest slice and dictate the rules of the market, that is to say work for the best companies and get paid handsomely.

Don’t let others overtake you and earn more!
Request  A FREE INTERVIEW WORTH 277 euros and evaluate the opportunities offered by our course.

Why is our path incomparable?

Because we know what it really takes.

Digital Coach has gathered the best Italian and international Blockchain experts to create the Blockchain Legal path, the only one in Italy that in 3 months will make you the most requested and paid professional by companies that exploit the incredible properties of the blockchain.

What really makes the difference is our certified practical operational method “Learning By Doing” which is not limited to theoretical study, but allows you to learn while examining real cases during our PRACTICE IN THE COMPANY.

This means having the UNIQUE opportunity to participate in the resolution of cases in real companies together with professionals who work in realities in which the Blockchain is applied and must be brought into compliance on a daily basis.

Questions like:

  • Is the Smart Contract a contract in accordance with the law?
  • What is the relationship between GDPR and Blockchain technology?
  • What is the legal certainty regarding the transfer of rights via a digital register
  • How do you comply with current regulations?
  • What is digital and financial crime and what is not?
  • What are the possible legal implications?

These are just some of the questions to which there is NOT a single answer, but different on a case-by-case basis.

No other course in Italy today offers this incredible opportunity.

Today’s universities are out of date and are not training the new generation of jurists and experts that the world of work now requires, and this is where Digital Coach comes into play.

Online you can find many other courses and masters that promise to train you on Blockchain technology in a matter of hours.

But do you really think this is enough to master such a complex and varied subject?

Our Blockchain Legal course with practise is the most professional and in-depth choice for those who really want to specialize.

This is why the offer of our Blockchain Legal path is incomparable: what we offer has no valid alternative in the Italian market!

We know how precious your time is and we want you to decide how to use it: you can decide whether to follow the lessons live or on demand!
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Why does our practical operating method work so well?

Ours is the only Blockchain Legal training course in Italy that offers the opportunity to access a real practise in one of our partner companies, participating closely in the resolution of cases in companies that operate daily with Blockchain technology.

What you will learn with us in these 3 months will prepare you in a practical, specialized and in-depth way, with skills that can be used immediately in the world of work.

These are the best features of our route:

Practical and operational approach = ease of understanding

Our method has a practical and operational approach that is very different from that of traditional universities.
You can study and attend the blockchain legal course through live or on-demand video lessons when it’s more convenient for you.

You will be able to carry out the activities in a concrete way: applying them directly to work from the day after the lesson.

Learning by Doing method: you will be guided in real learning

The theory is nice… but to get results in the real world you need practice!

Our ultimate goal is to put you in a position to immediately advise companies that intend to use, or already use, digital systems, tokenization, blockchain, metaverse or artificial intelligence to prevent the commission of digital and financial crimes.

To do this, the best method we have experimented in recent years is the practical approach to real cases.

Practise at partner companies to participate in solving cases in real companies

Digital Coach’s Blockchain Legal course is the only one in Italy that also offers you a real practise in one of our partner companies.

It is the key to our success because what we put on the table is a REAL OPPORTUNITY to learn and closely study cases in companies that use Blockchain technology.

You will truly understand how experienced professionals handle these cases and the legal implications they face on a daily basis.

18 modules + 5 extras, access to a detailed and in-depth path

Our highly specialized educational path will allow you to obtain the legal-IT knowledge, practical tools and specialized language suitable for dealing with legal issues related to the use and development of tokenization systems, use of NFTs, blockchain and metaverse including artificial intelligence processes.

Live and on demand lessons for total control and freedom of decision on your training

You can attend the Blockchain Legal Course whenever you want.

This means avoiding having to ask for time off at work or sacrificing your personal commitments.

We know how precious your time is and we want you to decide how to use it.

You will be able to continue your life and work undisturbed while in parallel you update your skills.

Live exercises (Tutorial + Q&A): the support of our teachers

These are not the usual theoretical, strategic, informative or orientation webinars…

These are interactive exercises live online, 100% OPERATIONAL PRACTICE, ZERO SLIDES, ZERO THEORY! Pure “Learning by Doing”.

They are based on the well-known Digital Coach teaching method, a method that puts “experiential” training methodologies at the center of learning…

…that is, a didactic that starts from experience to generate learning.

Consider them a learning by doing, I learn if I do, not if I just listen. 1 HOUR PRACTICAL SESSIONS.

Team of 1 to 1 coaching specialists: you will have a personal digital career coach

To help you even more in your career path, Digital Coach puts an entire team of specialists at your disposal!

Work with them to define your medium and long-term goals, find the best way to present yourself to companies and enhance your strengths.

You will have a personalized action plan, orientation courses and even a personal website at your disposal.

Realize TODAY your desire to be a recognized professional and rocket to the top of the social ladder.
REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION worth 277 euros to evaluate if our offer is right for you: deepening our path will help you have clearer ideas and it doesn’t cost you anything, you have nothing to lose!

Why should you choose Digital Coach?

Since 2012 to today, Digital Coach has trained over 9287 students who have successfully achieved the goal of entering the digital job market, creating their own company or improving the results and turnover of their clients.

We were the first to offer comprehensive curricula, in-company internship opportunities, and the best in the industry to serve our students.

What you are reading about is the only Blockchain course in Italy that in 3 months will make you the most requested and paid professional by companies that exploit the incredible properties of the blockchain.

Here is the course schedule:

  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
  • Mining and Miners
  • Advanced Blockchain
  • Django and Redis to reproduce the same result obtained for each digital project
  • Bitcoin Technology
  • Ethereum, the “public” blockchain by definition
  • Trading
  • ICOs, STOs and IEOs
  • the Basics of DeFi (Decentralized Finance)
  • HyperLedger
  • NFT (Non-Fungible-Token)
  • Legal regulation of Blockchain circuits
  • Blockchain and Smart Contract: functioning and practical applications
  • Compliance between Blockchain and GDPR
  • How to make digital documentation unique and standard
  • How to Transfer rights by contract in the Blockchain circuit
  • Real stories about the use of the Blockchain in the legal field.

Become the legal professional that companies are looking for!
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Are you ready to seize this opportunity reserved for a few?

The new Blockchain Legal course will open its doors to all new aspirants on June 14th, offering a state-of-the-art training program that will allow you to acquire specialized legal skills in the field of Blockchain.

The goal that DIGITAL COACH sets itself is to guarantee each participant individual attention and a learning experience of the highest quality.

As a result, the places available are very limited and may fill up soon.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away from you.

Join Blockchain Legal now and secure your future in the Blockchain world.

Act quickly and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Sign up today and get ready to immerse yourself in an unprecedented learning experience.
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By enrolling in the Digital Coach Blockchain Legal Course you will therefore be able to:

  • Acquire fundamental legal skills to understand blockchain technology and its legal implications.
  • Protect your career from potential obstacles while maintaining your relevance in the legal sector.
  • Prepare for future challenges, anticipating the opportunities offered by the blockchain and creating competitive advantages.
  • Avoid possible legal consequences deriving from the improper use of the blockchain, protecting your personal and professional interests.


But not only, the course offers:


    • Case Studies and Best Practices: Study real cases of blockchain applications in the legal sector and learn from best practices adopted by industry experts.
    • Insight into the evolution of Blockchain technology: Discover the fundamental principles of the blockchain, its uses and its legal implications.
    • Interaction with professionals and networking: You will have the opportunity to connect with other participants, legal experts and qualified speakers, to enrich your professional network.
    • Learning legal concepts related to blockchain: Understand how blockchain affects contract law, data privacy, intellectual property protection, and other legal issues.
    • Analysis of blockchain-related regulations and challenges: Explore existing regulations and emerging legal issues related to blockchain, and learn how to navigate this ever-evolving field.

If you are interested in being part of the digital revolution and distinguishing yourself as an expert in the legal sector, then you are in the right place!
Hurry, seats are limited!
This is a limited time offer, with a limited number of seats available.
Don’t miss out on your opportunity to access a course that could transform your career!

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