Digital Coach, the first school for digital professions, presents the industry’s most comprehensive full immersion course to join the 1% club of the Blockchain Marketers of the future in just 3 months…
…and become an attractive professional for companies, willing to pay you over 35K a year (even if you start from scratch).

According to data from the Tech Company observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, there were about 600,000 jobs filled in digital marketing in Italy in mid-2022.

This is an alarming figure, making one wonder about the saturation of the market and the impossibility of career development for newcomers.

Supply has skyrocketed, making digital marketing a “profession like any other.”

In an ocean full of sharks, where you compete with thousands of people with training 10 times more advanced than yours, finding space is tantamount to fighting windmills!

Fortunately, the online world is constantly evolving and a new technology is emerging that no one in marketing has yet fully explored.

In fact, blockchain is unknown territory that will soon outclass digital marketing, and only those who anticipate the system can access it.

Digital Coach, the best digital training school in Italy, has brought together top blockchain experts to give you the chance, in just 3 months, to be part of the chosen few who will dominate the marketing of the future, even without any experience.

Read below to find out how…


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“Become a digital marketer, earn more money and work from wherever you want.”

“All you need is an Internet connection and a PC to change your life.”

How many times have you heard these words? You are sick of them.

Deep in your heart, did you really believe that this is how the online world works!

After all, if others have succeeded…

And so you jumped around desperately looking for roads to take, running from one side to the other until you were out of breath.

You studied a thousand courses, did a thousand mock projects and coughed up blood to access the freedom that digital marketing could offer you.

Then, when it came time to enter the working world…


Thousands of resumes sent, interviews where you are told “we will let you know,” and the anguish of waiting for a response that most of the time does not even come.

There are those who are lucky and get the 6-month internship contract, then “let’s see how it goes,” and in the meantime take pocket money to pay themselves just enough to survive

All this with 9-5 p.m. shifts in the dusty office with a mood-enhancing gray tone.

“Then I’ll freelance!”

Great idea, except that in most cases the few companies that are ready to become customers are not as ready to pay the bill at the end of the month!

Try taking a tour of FB groups for freelancers or insiders, you’ll be amazed at how many complaints about non-paying clients can be found.

You might think about starting a business, but with zero skills and lack of adequate funding, you will end up in the 90 percent of start-ups that Failory reports fail within the first 5 years.

I don’t want to sound like the bird of ill omen, but dreams are often NOT enough

All of this is not your fault.

You were made to believe that digital marketing was the gateway to a world of fulfillment made up of “I work when and where I want” “I make money and the good life” and so on.

What they forgot to tell you is that digital marketing is at an “advanced age” now.

There is NO room for improvisers anymore, and even with all the will in the world, you probably won’t be able to reach people who have been working in the industry for years and are ultra-competent.

It’s like trying to compete with Usain Bolt in a sprint race after training for a week.

The gap is too big!

ATTENTION, you can still have your space within today’s digital marketing…

But you’ll have to make do with crumbs, staying on the low end with the knowledge that you’re behind your competitors.

OR you can play smart by entering the “marketing of the future” where there are very few competitors (for now) and lots of demand from companies that pay through the nose for your work.

All of this is to make you realize that…

The purple cow died and the funnel broke

that is…

everything we as marketers have done and studied up to now is about to be completely overturned by Blockchain technology.

Those who first heard about Blockchain had a reaction of total skepticism.

No one believed the story of a new technology that could revolutionize marketing and even overturn all the rules that have always been the basis of everyone’s marketing strategy.

But what if it really is A REVOLUTION?

This would mean that the race against Usain Bolt I mentioned earlier would no longer exist: we would ALL be neophytes in this sea.

Even people who have worked in the industry for years and are ultra-competent should study again, challenge themselves again, and learn new processes.


…being able to present themselves in a job market where 5 or 10 years of experience is not required because…no one can have it!

So why should you invest in training on Blockchain technology?

To get there before others.

Before creating Digital Coach’s Blockchain Marketing course, we spoke with Italian and international pioneers on this technology.

We realized that THE REVOLUTION IS really THERE, it is here and now.

And we are not just saying that…

blockchain market overview

The data you see above represent the growth the market will have.

By 2027, revenues are expected to total as much as $94 billion.


We, experts in the digital field, have identified the aspects in a marketing strategy that are going to be affected by Blockchain, effectively defining the areas of study and insight for our course.

Knowing them before others is a great competitive advantage to spend right away in the job market!

Here I want to bring you just a few of the changes that Blockchain is already making in this new era of digital marketing that we need to prepare for.

  • Online advertising will change

Today we are used to thinking about the three-way relationship between advertisers, publishers and intermediaries, with Google and Facebook leading the way.

Blockchain, however, enables disintermediation, that is, the creation of an advertising network devoid of these intermediaries.

Marketers can therefore publish their ads at a reduced cost, avoiding the commissions that online advertising platforms charge.

The collection of our data will also change substantially because of Blockchain.

Blockchain-based applications do not store information on servers: users enter a password, use the service, and close the session, with no record left.

There will no longer be access to user data as is the case now. Data collection will depend solely on potential customers: in the not-too-distant future, users themselves will decide what kind of content and ads they want to see. It will therefore be necessary to think of new ways to reach them.

Blockchain in advertising ensures total transparency in the whole process: there will be no more Clic Fraud, i.e., bought followers and likes, bots to increase impressions and much more.

  • Innovative User Engagement Programs

Users and potential customers are increasingly demanding, and companies must find new ways to differentiate themselves and make themselves more attractive.

With Blockchain technology, it will be possible to create ad personam loyalty programs automatically, easily and quickly.

Blockchains will therefore be able to cultivate a network of loyal super ambassadors with the purpose of encouraging purchases, increasing customer lifetime value or attracting new customers.

Through real-time access to the blockchain platform, it will be possible to view customer profiles, points, payment history and responses to promotions.

All of this will help us marketers create more attractive, valuable and personalized loyalty programs.

  • A new Brand Image concept

Blockchain improves brand image because it allows people to prove where their products come from and show every step of the production chain.

This leads consumers to have a better opinion of a brand, perceived as sincere and transparent to them.

If a company today decides to sponsor sustainability initiatives of its own without an effective system of monitoring, it commits a serious own-goal to its image that will be difficult to recover from

With blockchain, digitized contracts can be created where consumers can see and verify brands’ compliance obligations, validating an important return on image.

More trust toward a brand means a greater propensity to spend one’s money with it.

  • No longer targeting as before

Users’ privacy will no longer be controlled and managed by others, but by himself.

This is because people want to have control over their information and are tired of signing up for sites and then finding themselves overrun with advertisements.

Blockchain is revolutionizing data collection because it is empowering consumers to decide who will get their information.

This, while at first glance it may seem catastrophic, is actually good for brands as well: instead of wasting economic resources on users who are not interested in their products/services, it will be possible to delineate a much more precise target audience and direct their messages only to those people who are really interested.

Of course, it will be necessary to understand how the collected data can be managed operationally.

Finally, thanks to the Blockchain, users will trust it more to shop online because there will be no more problems such as forgeries or scams.

Blockchain reassures both consumers and brands about data security: the use of various security systems, such as encryption, digital signatures and access control, ensure security in data storage, transmission and retrieval.

It is up to you to decide whether to BE a PROTAGONIST of this revolution or to stand by and watch!

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Why is our course incomparable?

 Because we know what it really takes.

Digital Coach has gathered the best Italian and international Blockchain experts to create the Blockchain Marketing path, the only one in Italy that in 3 months will make you the most in-demand and paid professional for companies that exploit the incredible properties of blockchain.

What really makes the difference is our practical operational certified “Learning By Doing” method, which is not limited to theoretical study, but allows you to learn as you deal with real cases during our PRACTICE IN FACT.

This means having the UNIQUE opportunity to participate in defining marketing strategy in real companies together with professionals working in realities where Blockchain is applied.

No other course in Italy today offers this incredible opportunity.

Today’s universities are out of date and are not training the new generation of marketers and experts that the business world now demands, and that is where Digital Coach comes in.

Online you can find many other courses and masters that promise in a handful of hours to train you on Blockchain technology.

But do you really think this is enough to master such a complex and varied subject?

Our Blockchain Marketing course with internship is the most professional and in-depth choice for those who really want to specialize.

This is why the offer of our Blockchain Marketing path is incomparable: what we offer has no viable alternative in the Italian market!

We know how important it is to have guidance to take you hand in hand with practical matters-that’s why we designed the PRACTICE IN BUSINESS!

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Why does our practical operational method work so well?

Ours is the only Blockchain Marketing training path in Italy that offers the opportunity to access a real internship in one of our partner companies, participating closely in the definition of marketing strategy in companies that work with Blockchain technology on a daily basis.

What you will learn with us in these 3 months will prepare you in a practical, specialized and in-depth way with skills that can be spent immediately in the world of work.

These are the best features of our course:

Practical and operational approach = ease of understanding

Our method has a practical and operational approach far removed from that of traditional universities.

You can study and take the blockchain marketing course through live or on-demand video lectures when it is most convenient for you.

You will be able to carry out the activities in a concrete way: applying them directly on the job from the day after the class.

Learning by Doing method: you will be guided in real learning

Nice theory…but to get results in the real world you need practice!

Our ultimate goal is to put you in a position to work or do consulting right away in companies that intend to use, or are already using, Blockchain applied to marketing.

To do this, the best method we have experienced over the years is the practical approach to real cases.

Practice at partner companies to get hands-on with processes in real companies

Digital Coach’s Blockchain Marketing course is the only one in Italy that also offers you a real-life internship in one of our partner companies.

It is the key to our success because what we bring to the table is a REAL OCCASION to learn and study marketing strategy closely in companies using Blockchain technology.

You will really understand how professionals handle these cases in new ways and the implications they face on a daily basis.

18 modules + 5 extras, an access to a detailed and in-depth course

Our highly specialized educational course will enable you to learn how to outline a marketing strategy, study the implementation of social campaigns to promote the services offered by the company, as well as produce content that is easily understood by possible users.

Live and on-demand classes for total control and freedom to make decisions about your training

You can attend the Blockchain Marketing Course whenever you want.

This means avoiding having to ask leave from work or sacrifice your personal commitments.

We know how valuable your time is, and we want you to decide how to use it.

You can continue your life and work undisturbed while in parallel you upgrade your skills.

Live Tutorials (Tutorial + Q&A): support from our lecturers

These are not the usual theoretical, strategic, disclosure or orientation webinars…

These are interactive live online tutorials, 100% OPERATIONAL PRACTICE, ZERO SLIDES, ZERO THEORY! Pure “Learning by Doing.”

They are based on the well-known Digital Coach teaching method, a method that puts “experiential” training methodologies at the center of learning…

…that is, teaching that starts from experience to generate of learning.

Consider them a learning by doing, I learn if I do, not if I just listen.


Team of 1-to-1 coaching specialists: you will have a personal Digital Career Coach

To help you even more in your career path, Digital Coach provides you with a whole team of specialists.

Work with them to define your medium- and long-term goals, find the best way to pitch yourself to companies, and enhance your strengths.

You will have a personalized action plan, orientation courses and even a personal website.

Take the quantum leap you deserve for your career with our course:

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– You learn from the best blockchain and digital experts in Italy.
– You have a personal coach, a mentor, at your disposal.
– You have extremely hands-on live sessions available.
– Get real-world experience in the freshest industry to get into.

Now, before your mind starts triggering the usual self-sabotage mechanism (the one that prevents you from acting for the things you want!)…
…I want to depict for a moment your future scenario in the blockchain:

You are one of the highest paid and most in-demand professionals in the digital landscape.
You help thousands of companies, with the luxury of being able to get 6-figure sums. You are a respected and heard pioneer in future marketing, with followers hanging on your every word.

All of this is real.

It’s happening in America, with professional figures putting 80 to 150k a year in their pockets.
And it’s happening in Italy, where biggies like Banca Mediolanum, Eni Group and Ferrero are leaning in.
This information is GOLD to you.
You can get on board before the others, to secure front row seats!
Or you can stand by and watch as others act and take it all in, leaving you high and dry (for the umpteenth time!).

So if you want to be part of the future, click the highlighted sentence below to get your free consultation.

However, if you prefer to sleep on your laurels, stay where you are, maybe one day you will be happy too.

But remember, though, as you decide the hands turn and the chances of getting your ticket to the new world shrinks with every second.

Get your place in the next generation of marketers now:

REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION worth 277 euros to assess whether our offer is right for you: delving into our path will help you get a clearer idea and it costs you nothing, you have nothing to lose!