Blockchain architect: role, path to success, and earning potential

The Blockchain Architect is a new professional figure who studies the architecture of Blockchain technology, or “blockchain,” to implement it in digital applications.

Chained blocks were first used around 2009 with the introduction of the first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). They are networks of information that allow the management of shared and distributed data records. They are widely used in transactions.

If you want to learn more about what Blockchain is, why blockchain is secure, the different types of Blockchains that exist, or how to create them, you are not reading the right article! By scrolling through the following paragraphs, you will instead learn about the profession of a Blockchain Architect through the following topics:

  • description of the work of a Blockchain Architect;
  • how to become a blockchain technology architect in just 3 steps;
  • the salary prospects for this profession;
  • the expected job outlook for blockchain architects.

So, after finishing reading the article, you will have a clearer idea of what an expert Blockchain Architect does.

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Who is the Blockchain Architect?

The Blockchain Architect is a specialist in blockchain technology and designs solutions for the development of applications and software capable of utilizing it.
The implementation of this technology in digital projects is done through the use of “frameworks.” These are frameworks with basic generic functionalities that, through programming, can acquire more specific and useful functions for creating new software.

Blockchain Architect vs Developer

The activities of a Blockchain Architect are sometimes confused with those of a blockchain developer. In reality, the former leads a team and collaborates with different workgroups to achieve the company’s goals, while the latter develops blockchain applications.

The architect possesses good organizational and leadership skills, as well as deep specialized knowledge, while the Blockchain Developer boasts purely technical skills.

How to become a Blockchain Architect in 3 steps

There are three pillars to build in order to become a Blockchain Architect:

  1. Knowledge of blockchain technology and its architecture;
  2. Mastery of programming languages;
  3. Ability to apply technical skills to achieve the expected business goals.

blockchain architect skills

It is possible to acquire these skills through a Blockchain Architect certification or independently. Nonetheless, it is undoubtedly helpful to learn and deepen your basic knowledge with the assistance of experts in this field.

To get an overview of the topics you will tackle if you want to become a professional blockchain architect, keep reading!

Study Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain Architecture is the structure that an architect must be able to create and manage to address specific business needs.
More specifically, they must understand how data networks are embedded within registers for transaction control (but not limited to). Thanks to the emergence of this technology, the mediation of a banking or financial system is no longer necessary to obtain consensus for transaction finalization or other operations.

The design of solutions by a Blockchain Architect is based on the concepts of disintermediation and consensus. It is possible to devise platforms and applications based on the blockchain by establishing different levels of authorization that determine the acceptance or rejection of a transaction.

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Become an Expert in Web Development

Managing Blockchain Architecture requires excellent mastery of programming languages for web development, both on the front-end and back-end.
In fact, solutions that leverage blockchain technology are implemented within applications created using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and frameworks. APIs consist of a set of predefined functionalities that can be linked to software and are written using programming languages, as are frameworks.

How to become a blockchain architect

Therefore, although the work of a Blockchain Architect does not involve long-term coding actions, the use of structures that utilize coding languages necessitates possessing these skills.

Combine Blockchain and Business

The final step to becoming a Blockchain Architect involves incorporating blockchain technology into the company’s business model, which encompasses the strategies outlined by the enterprise to create and distribute value to its customers.
However, this is not a simple integration: the architect must be able to design an innovative and efficient workflow that confers a competitive advantage to the company. Therefore, it is necessary for the professional to study the most commonly used models and decide which one to adopt based on the business project.

Here are the main business models that leverage this technology:

  • P2P (Peer to Peer), based on direct interaction between users;
  • Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), developed as a service to be provided to other companies, so that they don’t need to have knowledge of the technology itself;
  • Models that use “Utility Tokens,” which are tokens sold to users to fund the company’s development projects, in exchange for future utilization of the produced services by the user;
  • Blockchain platforms employed for the development of applications that leverage Blockchain technology – for example, the company Chia Network is building a highly innovative blockchain platform;
  • A model based on charging users a network fee for their activities.

How much does a Blockchain Architect earn?

The average salary of a Blockchain Architect is around $114,000 per year.

All professions related to blockchain technology are in high demand and well-paid, especially in the USA. The work of a Blockchain Solutions Architect is highly specialized, and their earnings vary depending on their previous experience, skills, and abilities.

It is challenging to determine the exact salary for these professions because they are relatively new, but based on some estimates and considering the skills of each professional role, it can be stated that the annual salary can range from a minimum of $90,000 to $100,000 to a maximum of $200,000.

Blockchain architect salary

Conclusions and Career Prospects

It’s not the earnings that should drive you to pursue a career as a Blockchain Solution Architect.
Every profession related to this new technology is highly sought after, but the complexity of the job requires thorough education and specialization. What you need to achieve mastery of knowledge and the ability to apply it are determination and passion.

The role of an architect is central in a company that wants to innovate its business model in this regard, so there are numerous job opportunities that are constantly growing.

You will become a Blockchain Architect if you strongly believe in the technological revolution and have the courage to advance it with the awareness and expertise of a professional.


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