Blockchain Consultant: role, responsibilities, and earning potential

The Blockchain Consultant is a professional who collaborates with companies to support them in the use of blockchain technology. The latter is based on the management of shared and immutable computer systems, known as nodes. They facilitate transaction processes and asset traceability, making them more secure without the need for central authority control.

A Blockchain Consultant is essential for companies that intend to implement this technology within their processes in order to obtain legal, regulatory, and technical support.

If you want to learn more about this emerging professional role, read the article. I will explain:

  • What the role of a Blockchain Consultant entails;
  • How to become a Blockchain Consultant;
  • The salary of a Blockchain Consultant;
  • Career prospects for this professional.

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Who is the Blockchain Consultant

The meaning of a Blockchain Consultant is a consultant who provides assistance to businesses that want to undertake projects using Blockchain technology.
Thanks to this professional role, companies can streamline bureaucratic processes that currently complicate and burden their work, especially in Italy. However, to do so, they must ensure compliance with regulations for the correct use of “blockchain technology.”

Now that you understand what a Blockchain Consultant is, let me explain why their intervention is crucial: by combining technical and legal expertise, they can guide companies in adopting this modern technology.

What Does a Blockchain Consultant Do

Describing the work of a Blockchain Consultant can be complex, especially because there is no single type of consultant.
In general, it is a professional who verifies the compliance of the “blockchain” with the respective regulations and also defends the company in case of legal disputes in this field.

What are the responsibilities of a blockchain consultant

They guide the company’s appointed business representatives in the implementation of “blockchains” in the company, acquiring specific skills depending on the desired objectives.

Today, most Blockchain experts are consultants, i.e., freelance professionals who offer their skills to the companies they collaborate with.

Usually, collaborations last from 3 to 6 months or even years, depending on the type of project. However, the possibility of being employed as permanent staff should not be excluded if the relationship lasts for a considerable period of time.

Required Skills

After understanding what the role of a Blockchain Consultant entails, you’re probably wondering what skills are required for this position.
What primary competencies are necessary to provide Blockchain consulting services? The professional usually has a legal background; they are familiar with all traditional legal aspects and also have expertise in intellectual property law, cybersecurity, and data protection at national and international levels. Knowledge in economics and finance, programming, or graphics is also of great importance, depending on the specific field of service.

To become a consultant, technical skills alone are not enough. Soft skills are also essential, including:

  • communication abilities: expressing ideas clearly and precisely enables effective communication with colleagues or employers;
  • organizational skills: planning and managing one’s work efficiently.

This technology is continuously evolving, and staying updated helps to keep pace with the latest developments.

Services Offered

Consulting in the field of “blockchains” can cover specific areas of interest. Accordingly, there are different specialized roles, such as:

  • Information and Security Analyst: responsible for monitoring and safeguarding the IT infrastructure. Skilled in analysis, programming, and software engineering;
  • Data Scientist: identifies the most relevant information within the modern technology. Proficient in analysis and preparation of graphs and reports to improve the company;
  • Developer: develops complete “blockchain systems” and possesses highly specialized technological skills;
  • Designer: facilitates the introduction of the “blockchain” into the company, aiming to streamline its implementation and organizing projects tailored to specific business needs;
  • Marketing Specialist: outlines marketing strategies, studies social campaigns, and promotes the company’s activities by spreading the evolution of the brand and its business through the adoption of blockchain systems. Additionally, creates user-friendly content;
  • Project Manager: coordinates the team for the development of “blockchains” and requires entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

Blockchain consultant job description

How to Become a Blockchain Consultant in 3 Steps

If you’re wondering, “How do I become a Blockchain Consultant?“, know that the path to learning how to provide consultations in such an innovative technology can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with digital concepts.
Commitment, dedication, and effort are required, but the career prospects are incredible. So, stop hesitating or searching for who the best Blockchain Consultants in the world are and where to find them. Take the plunge and embrace the change. How? The answer is simple: proceed through a series of educational activities, solidify your practical training, and expand your client network once you’ve gained autonomy. Let me explain it to you better in 3 steps.

1. Proper Education

To educate yourself as a Blockchain Consultant, the best approach is to choose a course, either in-person or online, that allows you to acquire skills and expertise in the field of this new technology.
Based on your inclinations and career goals, you will need to identify an area to specialize in and become an expert in that domain.

Opt for a path that considers the rapid technological advancements in this sector and all the regulations that govern it. Additionally, prioritize training that can combine theory with practice, which is essential for gaining familiarity with the chosen role.

Finally, lean towards Blockchain courses or masters that offer legally recognized certifications, which are crucial for increasing your credibility and professional value.

2. Build a Project Portfolio

After establishing a foundation of skills, you need to find opportunities to apply the knowledge you have acquired. You can do this by studying real projects, such as those based on open source solutions.
For example, you can start by creating basic contracts using tutorials provided by Truffle Suite, a platform dedicated to newcomers that allows for the creation of quick and functional solutions. You can then share your work on Github, a hosting platform that enables developers to upload and share projects with other users.

Once you have gained the necessary experience, you will be ready to engage in consulting activities.

3. Network

Establishing connections and making your presence known in the Blockchain Consultant market is important. Proposing your projects to companies is undoubtedly the best way to initiate new collaborations and advance in your career.
Take advantage of webinars, seminars, and meetings with industry professionals to expand your network and increase the chances of meeting potential future partners.

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How Much Does a Blockchain Consultant Earn?

Now that you have a better understanding of this profession, you are surely interested in knowing what the salary of a Blockchain Consultant is.

Firstly, it is important to be aware that this is a recently emerging position and is increasingly sought after by companies aiming for their digital transformation, regardless of the industry they belong to.

blockchain consultant salary

It is estimated that the demand for this profession will exponentially increase in the coming years, reaching its peak in 2030.

The reduced competition and high demand make it possible for these experts to aspire to quite interesting salaries at the moment.

Currently, there is no hourly pay rate, but it can be estimated that the average annual salary ranges around $130,000. Of course, this value has a wide range that includes both junior consultants with little experience and professionals with 4 or 5 years of industry knowledge. Senior consultants can even earn annual salaries of $170,000 to $200,000.

Career Outlook as a Blockchain Consultant

Thanks to the Blockchain Consultant, companies are discovering the benefits of data protection, identity, and everything this technological revolution brings with it. 40% of US companies are investing millions of dollars in the “blockchain system” and predict that the demand for consultants will continue to increase.
Certainly, the demand for these professionals will grow rapidly worldwide, with dedicated consulting areas for businesses (Blockchain Business Consultant), starting with large multinational companies that are already investing.

If you’re interested and intrigued by this profession, it’s time to get started. With commitment, interest, and curiosity, you will likely become an established and sought-after Blockchain Consultant by companies in no time!


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