How to become a blockchain developer in just 4 steps

The Blockchain Developer is a developer who supports the technical team of the company in activities that involve the use of this technology.

Thanks to the Blockchain, or “chain of blocks“, we are experiencing an important era of digital evolution. The impact it will have on our future will be truly incredible and will bring about new digital professions.

If you want to know about one of these incredible careers, you’re in the right place! Keep reading, and you’ll understand:

  • what a Blockchain Developer does;
  • how to become a Blockchain developer;
  • how much a “chain of blocks” programmer earns;
  • what career opportunities are available.

blockchain developer job

But before I tell you who a Blockchain Developer is and how to become one, let me explain what Blockchain is in simple terms.
It is a secure, open-source, and transparent technology. Specifically, it is a decentralized, encrypted, shared, and distributed digital ledger of data and transactions among multiple nodes in a network. If you want to delve deeper into the topic, for example, to understand what Blockchain exists, why they are secure, and who manages them, I recommend reading the page dedicated to “chain of blocks“.

Are you ready to discover how to become a skilled programmer of “blockchain technology”? Then let’s get started!

What Does a Blockchain Developer Do

A Blockchain Developer is a programming expert who works on the “chain of blocks” to enable companies to achieve financial and banking goals.
This professional develops software based on blockchain technology that allows fast and secure payments and transactions. In particular, their tasks include:

  • development of smart contracts;
  • creation of front-end design;
  • configuration of security protocols;
  • development of back-end components.

Additionally, they perform tests to verify the proper functioning of Decentralized Applications (dApps), which are applications similar to traditional ones but utilize the payment methods integrated into the new technology.
You’re probably wondering: how can I become a skilled Blockchain Developer? Don’t worry, by continuing to read this article, I will reveal the fundamental steps to embark on this extraordinary journey. You will discover:

  • what to study to acquire the right skills;
  • how to gain practical experience with industry professionals;
  • what the salary of a Blockchain Developer is.

How to Become a Blockchain Developer in 4 Steps

Before explaining how to become a highly sought-after Blockchain Developer, you should keep in mind that:

  • it is a long and complex path that requires time and resources;
  • don’t expect immediate results;
  • if you follow this guide, things can become much clearer and more straightforward.

Having a degree is not essential; you can train as a Blockchain Developer even without a degree, starting from scratch! However, having a basic understanding of programming, economics, finance, and law can be helpful, as well as being ready to use algorithmic structures, decentralized technologies, and procedures that ensure data security.

Become a Blockchain Developer
in just 3 months, even starting from scratch


1. Enroll in a Blockchain Developer Course

To pursue a career as a Blockchain Developer and achieve success, the first step is to find a good training school.
This is crucial to gain access to master’s programs or courses taught by industry professionals.

You can attend a physical school or enroll in an online Blockchain Developer course, studying through digital platforms and managing your time and needs independently.

Blockchain developer course

Whether it’s an online or classroom setting, the educational path is essential to acquire in-depth knowledge and receive professional training.

Moreover, certifying your Blockchain Development skills is important to demonstrate your abilities and enter the workforce.

2. Acquire the necessary skills and competencies

What should you study for a Blockchain Developer profession? Here is a list of essential skills and knowledge that you need to develop in this field:

  • Programming. The ability to write correct codes and commands is the foundation of your training as a developer in blockchain technology. It’s also important to know some of the most common programming languages used for Blockchain platforms.
  • Cryptography. It is used to protect sensitive information and ensure that the message is only visible to the recipient.
  • Mathematics and Computer Science concepts. This technology is based on transactions and algorithms, so mastery of these subjects will accompany you throughout your career.
  • Smart Contracts. These programs simplify the agreement process between two parties without the involvement of an intermediary.
  • Cryptocurrencies. Understanding and studying the world of virtual currencies will help you grasp market dynamics and enhance your role as a Blockchain Developer.

In addition to these, problem-solving skills, organizational and precision skills, analytical mindset, and a passion for topics like Information Technology (IT) and Data Science are also necessary.

3. Gain practical experience with industry professionals

To make a difference as a Blockchain Developer, it’s crucial to apply the knowledge gained through theoretical learning. Practical experience is an essential step to becoming an experienced professional and expanding your knowledge.
However, developing Blockchain Apps is complex and requires time and multiple resources. But with practice, you will overcome many limitations and gain extensive and remarkable preparation.

An apprenticeship period under the guidance of an experienced technician is the best way to “get hands-on” and concretely acquire the theoretical knowledge.

4. Join a dedicated community

To stay up-to-date and obtain valuable information about the work of a Blockchain Developer, it’s important to become part of a community. This will allow you to:

  • grow and learn new strategies and technologies;
  • participate in discussions and interact with other professionals;
  • access exclusive content and educational material;
  • explore different platforms.

Additionally, reading blogs and watching video tutorials will help you stay updated on industry trends.

Begin your journey of discovering the world of “blockchain technology” and the professional you could become in less than 6 months!


Blockchain Developer Salary: How Much Can You Earn

Now it’s time to reveal what a Blockchain Developer earns.
You should know that there is a high demand for this professional role today, but there is also a shortage of experienced and specialized individuals.

In fact, it is expected that more and more companies and individuals will use Blockchain, and this transition will occur at a rapid pace. Therefore, companies implementing this technology need Blockchain Developers to constantly enhance and improve the platform.

blockchain developer salary

Furthermore, it integrates very well with other systems like the Internet of Things (IoT). In fact, it is expected that artificial intelligence combined with blockchain can enhance and make transactions more transparent. With this additional detail, the importance of this professional role becomes even clearer and how essential it is to receive proper training in order to grow and excel.

All of this preamble is just to tell you that there is a reason why the pay is high compared to other traditional roles. In fact, a Blockchain developer earns a different salary, based on both their experience and acquired skills, as well as the country of reference.

To give you a more concrete idea of average salaries, I have created a table with indicative gross annual wages for reference. The data is approximate and can also be found on

Juniorup to €30,000up to €73,000up to $107,000
Seniorup to €50,000up to €89,000up to $136,000

Currently, there is high demand and limited supply for this professional role, which is why the salary of a Blockchain Developer is so high compared to other traditional jobs. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that this is one of the most challenging professions, requiring extensive knowledge in the field of computer science and various digital skills.

Nevertheless, one of the great advantages of becoming a Blockchain Developer is the ability to work remotely or as a freelancer. Therefore, it is possible to work in Italy while earning an American salary.

Conclusions and Career Opportunities

The demand for Blockchain Developers is high, and there are plenty of job opportunities. Currently, there are several sectors where you can develop your skills.

Becoming a skilled developer in the blockchain field means acquiring capabilities related to a rapidly growing technology that will make you an ideal and sought-after candidate.

You can look to the future and envision yourself with a digital job that allows you to earn and manage your time as you prefer, achieving success both nationally and globally.


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