Blockchain marketing specialist: role, skills and how to become one

Blockchain is a technology that leverages the concept of decentralization to facilitate the process of recording transactions and their traceability. By decentralization, we mean a distributed system that contains the entire history of a transaction. Blockchain has emerged in recent years as a disruptive topic that will bring a revolutionary concept to marketing, creating a demand for specialized job roles such as the Blockchain Marketing Specialist and more. Several Blockchain Marketing Courses offerings are emerging in this regard, to create new professionals of the future.

The functionality of blockchain is based on the consensus of a vast network of nodes that confirm and approve a transaction on the chain. This introduces a completely different concept and perspective compared to traditional computing concepts, where data is based on a central database, and every calculation and action converges to a single location, with all elements of action stored in a central position. This model has the “limitation” of control being in the hands of a third party.

Thanks to the decentralized system, transactions and data come back under the control of individuals.

Introduction: What is Blockchain marketing?

Before delving into the discovery of the professional figure of the Blockchain Marketing Specialist, it is necessary to provide context in which the specialist operates.
Blockchain marketing envisions the beginning of a completely new advertising and marketing environment, where consumers have ownership of their own data, hence the concept of empowering consumers.

Blockchain is enabling a direct data exchange between potential leads and marketing. The key principles of this technology, which are transparency, security, and accessibility, can only shake up the entire industry. Consumers can be directly compensated for their advertising data, and marketing experts can create individually targeted advertising campaigns and implement more rewarding and customer satisfaction-focused digital marketing strategies.

Everyone hates ads, whether they are display ads, YouTube Ads, or sponsored posts on social media. The reason is that there are too many of them, and marketing experts don’t really know what consumers want and find it difficult to understand where they are in the purchasing process.

Blockchain technology can also intervene in this increasingly delicate point. It can prevent the same display ad from being served excessively to anyone and ensure an optimal frequency of ad publication for each consumer. Blockchain should allow advertisers to trade on the value of users, compensating them with a token from which they benefit in the real world.
In this way, data on performance improves, and targeting becomes increasingly specific and easy to identify. Publishers gain better control over their display users and yield from this process.
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Who is the Blockchain Marketing Specialist?

The Blockchain Marketing Specialist is responsible for outlining an effective marketing strategy, studying how to implement social campaigns to promote company services, as well as creating user-friendly content. This professional figure acts as a bridge between the IT department and the marketing department. Furthermore, they must be the primary communicator of the concept of democratic marketing, which becomes increasingly relevant when discussing Blockchain technology. This decentralized technology gives more power to consumers, allowing them to choose to view ads in exchange for tokens or digital currency. This means they will be directly compensated for ad views and for relinquishing their data.

The Blockchain Marketing Specialist is one of the most sought-after roles, right after developers, for large companies and startups implementing services on Blockchain and Smart contracts. One of their fundamental tasks is to produce content for social media and the web, aimed at explaining the technology, its benefits, and its 360-degree service. The use of Blockchain creates trust and transparency, and this message needs to be clearly communicated to users, making them more inclined and enthusiastic to sell their data for compensation and receive targeted advertisements based on their genuine interests and future needs.

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Blockchain and Marketing: a significant advantage

Having understood what Blockchain does in marketing and who a Blockchain Marketing Specialist is, let’s analyze the main advantage of this technology in marketing applications.

The most significant advantage is undoubtedly the complete elimination of intermediation. This means that without third parties, ads will be much cheaper and more precise. In this way, marketers can reach their target audience without having to allocate large budgets.

Blockchain can also reduce the possibility of fake ad clicks or bot views by confirming that a real person has viewed a particular ad. This is achieved through the validation and analysis of the customer’s journey through verified ad placements. A Blockchain Marketing Specialist definitely benefits from such a specific and detailed analysis of lead paths. However, this technology should not be used improperly or superficially by companies, which is why a Blockchain Marketing Specialist should make the best use of it and set an example.

Blockchain Marketing Specialist: Required Skills

Now let’s discuss the skills required by recruiters seeking a Blockchain Marketing Specialist for their company. The required skills vary, and here are some of them:

  • Develop and execute marketing strategies to increase community and project awareness.
  • Conduct ongoing market and competition analysis research and keep the team informed.
  • Collaborate with community management, R&D, marketing, social, and design teams.
  • Participate in all aspects of marketing and design strategies, including video production, training materials, presentations, etc.
  • Collect and analyze data and feedback on consumer behavior.
  • Create reports on marketing and sales metrics, such as conversion rates, engagement, etc.
  • Manage and create all aspects of marketing automation campaigns.

Knowledge of Tools

To enhance their skills, a professional Blockchain Marketing Specialist must have knowledge of specific tools, such as:

  • Slack: This software enables organizing team communication through specific channels, which can be accessible to the entire team or only certain members. With integration with various applications, performance and team productivity can be enhanced.
  • Mailchimp: it is an email marketing platform that allows you to engage in marketing automation. With this platform, you can create newsletters using free templates or customize them and then schedule automatic email sending.
  • Canva: it is a graphic design tool and a valid alternative to Photoshop. The main functionality of Canva is the ability to use pre-set templates and customize them to your liking.
  • Trello: very useful for creating and managing activity cards with multiple columns and exchanging tasks between them. The tool can be used to organize personal commitments as well as organize activities within a company.

SEO and SEM Experience

Other skills required by companies relate to two fundamental branches of digital marketing: SEO and SEM.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, includes all activities aimed at improving the ranking of a website’s online resources.

SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing, refers to activities applied to search engines for generating qualified traffic to a website. According to its original meaning, it is divided into two fundamental disciplines: one is SEO, which we just mentioned, and the other is SEA, which is what we will talk about.
La SEA (Search Engine Advertising) refers to paid advertising activities that indirectly allow acquiring qualified traffic from search engines through an auction-based mechanism to drive traffic to one’s website.

The main characteristic of these advertising systems is that advertisers pay for highly qualified traffic because the ads are shown to users who are searching for products or services closely related to what is being offered.
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Knowledge of the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual space traversed by avatars, where users access through 3D viewers and experience virtual environments. This technology enables the creation of realistic avatars, interactions with other users, the creation of virtual objects or properties, attending concerts, conferences, traveling, and more.

Certifications to Become a Blockchain Marketing Specialist

Certainly, a degree in marketing and statistics can be considered a must-have requirement for companies seeking a Blockchain Marketing Specialist. Additionally, obtaining a master’s degree in blockchain with a specialized certification can provide the visibility that others with just a degree may not have.
Since Blockchain is a relatively new field, getting certified and acquiring fundamental knowledge to excel in this occupation is becoming increasingly necessary.


Blockchain is poised to disrupt various sectors, including digital marketing. Blockchain Marketing Specialists need to integrate their professional role with the new technology and marketing processes. It is crucial for these “new” professionals in the workforce to possess all the aforementioned skills (which are not few) and reassess existing processes to leverage this new technology effectively.


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